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Hey: Glad you're here ♡

I'm Annabell, but most people call me Bella. I grew up in Singapore and have only lived in Germany since I was 13, which is why my heart beats very much for Asia ;)

I founded Little Foxx in 2019 after I was treated for an MS (multiple sclerosis) flare-up in 2016 due to a misdiagnosis and my stroke was therefore not detected in time. Since then I have been paralyzed on one side and am in a wheelchair.

Being a single mom in my mid-30s was out of the question for me, but finding a paid, fulfilling job turned out to be almost impossible: The idea for "Little Foxx" (the name is dedicated to my wonderful son Henry Larson Fuchs ) was born.

Today I can talk openly about myself and my situation: I sit in a wheelchair and do everything with one hand.

I have been running my shop for almost 5 years and am very proud of what I have achieved thanks to all of you, my friends and my family. It would not have been possible without you.

THANK YOU for your support