About Us

We deliver unique and high quality clothes for your little ones.

I live in Munich and had the privilege of spending my childhood in Asia. When I turned my back on international hotel management after 10 years and became a mother myself, I was thrilled to discover children's fashion from Korea for us/me on vacation and my decision to make it accessible and known to a wider audience. But also not so well-known newcomer labels from all over the world.

Unique, comfortable and of high quality - children's fashion from Korea often has a particularly exotic note for us Europeans and unfortunately an incomprehensible aftertaste, because the design from the Far East surprises with unusual silhouettes and shapes and high quality.

Our garments are manufactured under fair trade conditions in Korea, China or Portugal and are certified, thus guaranteeing safety and quality for your children. They also offer high quality at fair prices. The designs are unique and in line with the latest fashion trends.
We make sure to only choose designs that are playful, colorful and almost magical - each garment has been handpicked by me to give your kids maximum comfort without sacrificing design.

Our selection of carefully selected Korean and global bestseller brands like LaLa:), Aosta, MonBebe, Bien a Bien, Happy Prince, Amber and Peach & Cream, Eclair or newcomer labels like Susukoshi from Australia or Daily Brat from Holland are fresh, entertaining, unique and exclusively available from us.

So, are you ready to try something different and new? Browse in peace and let yourself be inspired.

Thank you for your time and happy shopping!

Your fox family