Our philosophy

1. Sustainability - We take a stand against mass consumption

Over-production and discarding of unused garments and fabrics is clearly an under-appreciated issue in the fashion industry. Honestly, it's unknown how much "dead stock" is created each year. Some estimate that in some large retail chains, around 10% of clothing items go unsold, resulting in enormous amounts of clothing lying around. Of course, this implies waste of fabric, dyes, environmental influences and so on.

We go in a different direction: we prevent this.
Our pre-order system allows us to estimate how many items of a product we will sell at Little Foxx: We have what we sell produced. This not only leads to greater resource efficiency and avoids pointless waste of raw materials, but ultimately literally pays off: Less waste materials result in lower costs per garment produced, which leads to lower production costs per garment. Some of these savings are passed on to our customers - so everyone benefits: the environment, us and you (woohoo - another classic win-win situation). If you have any questions about this system, please contact: service@littlefoxx.store

2. We focus on high quality

As the name suggests, fast fashion is not permanent. In our opinion, this will also encourage attempts by industry to produce a certain number of products more sustainably, e.g. B. Organic cotton, disqualified.

We believe that garments should have a long and happy life. They should also be able to be carried by more than one child.

Our products are selected by us with love and longevity. Therefore, please check in advance if you intend to wear them for more than just one season before you buy them. We don't want to contribute to fast fashion. Because we see our products as something valuable and because sustainability comes from “sustainable”, which applies not only to production but also to sustainable use.

3. We rely on preorders

Burberry burns €32m of unsold clothing. H&M destroys 12 tons of brand new clothing every year. We want to change the throwaway society and give fashion back the value of small works of art, lovingly designed and crafted to last a lifetime.


  • Put the item in the shopping cart
  • Delivery date from order: approx. 2-3 weeks

Availability is not guaranteed!


Little Foxx does not maintain inventory for the products. Instead, we sell from our brand owners' production and stock. We rely on them for inventory information, but unfortunately this information quickly becomes outdated. Therefore, it may happen that the products you have ordered are no longer available when your order is processed. We usually need up to 7 days to check and confirm the availability of your order.

​We will mark a product as "sold out" on our website when it is verified that it is no longer in production. You cannot add products to your cart that are out of stock.
It can also happen that a product is no longer in stock after you have placed an order. In this case we will inform you as soon as possible by email. You can then replace the unavailable products with other products. We'll give you a credit or refund for the remaining balance.


You will receive an email when a product in your order is backordered. We will hold the shipment until the product is available again.

In most cases, refill takes 1-2 weeks. The exact filling times are usually not known to us. A note will be added to the product's backorder status if we are aware of a restocking date.
You can cancel products with the status "Backorder" at any time if you don't want to wait until they are available again.
You can also request two shipments. In this case, we will ship the immediately available products directly and carry out a second shipment with the backordered items. An additional flat rate shipping fee applies for shipping more than one shipment.

4. Our claims

The South Korean capital Seoul is exciting, bright and always on the move. This is also reflected in fashion. Everything is possible! The combinations of fabrics, colors and different materials are inspiring and perfect for babies & children. There is something for everybody.

For you we have the top bestsellers from Korean fashion brands as well as newcomer labels from Australia and Holland for babies and children in our shop.

​Little Foxx does not include every brand in its collection. These brands have been strictly selected by us and meet the following selection criteria:

  • Selection criterion: Proven, worldwide bestsellers!

  • Original designs: no copies

  • Special style: We value diversity

  • EXCELLENT QUALITY: We love a good price, but without compromise

  • Reliability: eg The products must match the product photos

  • Products: Manufacturing, production and trade must take place under fair conditions in the production and supply chain