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"Entrepreneurs have a social responsibility"

social responsibility

We believe that companies that focus on selling online must have the same, if not more, commitment to the environment and society than traditional companies. Convincing our discerning customer to buy depends largely on our ability to work to improve the world in which they live.

1. Honesty, transparency and trust in dealing with our customers

Building a relationship with our customers on values ​​such as honesty, transparency and trust is the first step in making us a socially responsible company.

2. Non-discrimination and equal opportunities for all employees

In a society that does not discriminate, we want to support that. Our company is open and fair.

3. Participation in social projects

Through our cooperation with the world's largest independent children's rights organization, we can realize and implement our commitment as a socially responsible company together with you.


As a donation partner, we at Little Foxx make it possible to reach even more children worldwide and give them a better future. Become a part of this support for children in need with us!

Every day, Save the Children teams work hard to improve the lives of children around the world. No one can achieve great goals alone. That is why the support of you and us as a company is so important. Thank you for supporting us!

You now have the option of adding a tip to your bill when you check out in our store. The entire Little Foxx Online Concept Store team will donate your tip amount.
We will also do regular campaigns to collect additional donations and these too
Send to Save the children Deutschland eV.

Since we are a small company, we are currently developing a concept with Save the Children to make our help transparent for you.
You can find more information here

4. Take responsibility for production and supply chains

Our production and supply chains are based on ethical and ecological principles. Both in terms of ecological aspects and in terms of working conditions, especially in production. We concentrate on working with a few selected production companies. This increases transparency and makes it possible to jointly achieve improvements in social, environmental and quality standards. In this way, long-term capacities are ensured and we can guarantee a high level of quality.

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