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Buying children's fashion for babies and toddlers - what should be considered?

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Buying clothes for children accompanies parents for a long time, because children grow quickly and constantly. Clothing for babies and toddlers in particular should not only be practical and easy to care for, but also as free of harmful substances as possible. So that the budget is not unnecessarily overloaded, it is advisable to pay attention to a few things.

Especially for mothers, the huge range of fashionable clothing is tempting even for the little ones. What looks great doesn't have to be practical and comfortable - and that's what matters most when it comes to clothing for babies and toddlers.

Fashionable or practical?

In general, when it comes to children’s clothing, the fashion aspect only plays a role for the parents. The toddler doesn't care what clothes they wear as long as they don't pinch or interfere with movement. Clothing should therefore also be selected with this focus. The following criteria should be checked before buying baby and toddler clothing:

  • Is the garment easy to put on and take off?
  • Is the fabric robust (especially important for toddlers and small children)?
  • How demanding is the cleaning of the material. Garments that require hand washing will be immediately disqualified. It is easiest if the clothes are also suitable for a tumble dryer.
  • Does the garment match the season? For example, isn't it too warm for summer?
  • Are colors and material tested for harmful substances or free of harmful substances?

You don't have to dress your child in sackcloth and ashes to meet these criteria. Manufacturers of children's clothing know the demands that parents and children place on clothing. Accordingly, there are now many collections that are tailored to it. The fashionable aspects are not neglected, but always remain child-friendly.

Children's clothing from the discounter

Clothing for both children and adults is sometimes offered at incomprehensibly cheap prices. This is easy on the parents' budget, but you're rarely doing yourself or your child a favor by doing so. The clothing is usually worn out quickly and often cannot even withstand the short time that the child wears it. On the other hand, cheaply produced items of clothing are often heavily contaminated, because what is sold cheaply was also manufactured cheaply. Even after a few washes, the materials still release harmful substances into the skin. And it is very thin and permeable, especially in babies. If you don't want to or can't do without clothing from the cheap discount store, you should at least save on the bottom layer: bodysuits made of natural material or, even better, organic cotton do not put a strain on the organism and can therefore lie directly on baby's skin without any problems.

Our tips:

1. Skin-friendly materials

2. Good workmanship

3. Good fit and comfort

4. Individuality

Clearly, children's clothing represents a certain cost factor. Of course, it doesn't always have to be the most expensive branded product, but the general rule is: cheap is expensive. Because if you buy cheap, you buy more often!
We believe that garments should have a long and happy life. They should also be able to be carried by more than one child.

Our products are selected by us based on the following criteria:

  • Unique designs: We love the special
  • EXCELLENT QUALITY: We love a good price, but without compromise
  • Our collections are characterized by soft, neutral colors and timeless silhouettes that are perfect for combining with e.g. B. a capsule wardrobe
  • Gender neutral and unisex clothing

Therefore, please check in advance if you intend to wear them for more than just one season before you buy them. We don't want to contribute to fast fashion. Because we see our products as something valuable and because sustainability comes from “sustainable”, which applies not only to production but also to sustainable use.

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